Children's Division is an excellent place for your child to have fun while learning valuable life skills: physical development, socialization, and self-expression in a nurturing environment with positive reinforcement. BBT uses a unique program methodology for working with children as young as 2. This methodology is proven to have the best results for allowing children to gain control over their bodies and prepare them mentally and physically for ballet classes. Children's Division includes classes such as Music Appreciation, Creative Movement, Rhythmic-Dance (Fairytale in Motion), Yoga for Kids, etc. 
The "Jump For Joy" program catalyzes children's psychological development and improves their concentration, memory, and discipline. Classes in this program promote muscle development and allow children to develop beautiful posture and graceful walking.
"Fairytale in Motion" is a specially designed children's program that allows children to enter the world of ballet through their imagination.          

Open Division is an experience of the joy of dance because no extraordinary physique, disposition, or athleticism is required before beginning classes.
BBT designed its Open Division with great care and treated these classes seriously. All ballet students at BBT are trained in the Vaganova method, which develops concentration, confidence, coordination, and imagination while leaving the dancer full of energy, flexibility, and light. This division includes Modern and Popular Dance, Contemporary Dance, Ballet Exercise, Character Dance, Pilates/Stretching, and Dance Program for Teen & Adults. Classes in this division give students a total body workout strengthening their muscles and improving movement coordination. These classes provide improved self-confidence, positive body image, eased adolescence transition, a more active lifestyle, and keeping your children off the street. The Open Division includes students who have aged out of the Children’s Division and do not meet the strict criteria for the Advanced Division, as well as older students who are just beginning their study of ballet, and adults who look to ballet as a form of recreation and exercise, either renewing a practice from earlier in life or discovering dance for the first time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
Pre-professional (Advanced) Division  is an opportunity for students to perform full-scale ballets with world-renowned dancers and companies.
This division includes advanced and intermediate ballet classes (Vaganova Method), character dance, points, and variations. This division is for students seven years old and up who have had at least three years of previous training. The advanced division offers unique performance opportunities and stage experience, participation in National Dance contests, and an opportunity to have repertory workshops with prominent choreographers and guest teachers. Students attending classes in this division will develop posture, elegance, and grace, acquire healthy life habits, and master self-discipline. They will be able to discover their inner strengths and achieve a great level of professionalism in the art of ballet.