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BBT Fall/Spring 2019-2020 Registration Information


We ask all potential and current students to register anew with us every academic year and each summer, as well as anytime there is a change in personal information (such as address, phone, guardianship, etc.). It is essential we have up-to-date information on each student in case of emergency and also for the efficiency and accuracy of our class rosters and billing system.  


If you are a continuing BBT student and have not had a gap in your studies with us (i.e., if you attended BBT classes throughout the most recent academic year and summer without a break), you are NOT required to pay the annual registration fee although you must still submit a new, updated application at least once per year.


We also ask that students and parents read carefully and re-submit a signed Registration Package (including Policy Statement, Code of Conduct, and Photo/Video Release sections in Application) each year because these documents are subject to change and include important notices about health and safety policies, refunds, scheduling changes, fees and the like.


Please note that admission is on a rolling basis. Tuition is paid in advance, either in a yearly or six-month membership or in four-week installments, starting from the date of the first class. Only those students who have paid their tuition and fees in full may attend classes.


Guidelines for new applicants and returning students:

  • Submit a completed Registration Package, including signed Application, Policy Statement, Code of Conduct, and Photo/Video Release (you may download and print PDFs of the forms available at the left side of this page, to submit online, in-person or by mail)


  • Pay the non-refundable annual registration fee (separate from the summer registration fee) of $30 in-person or by mail to:


BBT c/o Kingsborough Community College

2001 Oriental Blvd.

Building T7, Room 7211

Brooklyn, NY 11235



  • Schedule a FREE audition (new students only), in order to be placed in classes at the appropriate level, by calling (718) 769-9161 for our Brooklyn office. Alternately, you may email your audition request to


You must have a parent/guardian on hand to give signed consent if you are younger than 18-years-old. If you experience difficulties with downloading the form, we advise you to contact the office.




For more details on costs associated with participating in BBT classes, please see our Tuition, Fees and Scholarships page. Partial and full merit scholarships and need-based financial aid are available but limited.

Easy Registration Steps

1. Fall/Spring Semester starts on Sunday, September 8, 2019.

Registration for students is ongoing. Please contact us today to schedule your Trial dance class at BBT by calling 718.769.9161 or emailing


2. Registration Application & Policy Statement (printable PDF file on the left) or online

3. Pricing: Please contact BBT office to get price list based on the number of classes per you prefer to attend.


4. Get Your Personal Schedule at the office


5. Testimonials

Check our testimonials from other customers or leave yours.


6. Special Offers


7. Directions


8. Get quick dates for holidays and events at BBT Calendar.

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2001 Oriental Boulevard

Bldg. T7, Room 7211

Brooklyn, NY 11235


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