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What Makes the BBT Summer Program Special?

We are an affordable, family-friendly dance school that offers a fully-customizable summer schedule “Dance A La Carte” so that students can start and stop at any time without being locked into a 4- or 6-week commitment, unlike most programs. You choose how many classes per week for as many or as few weeks as you wish, with a two-week “Summer Intensive” available as well for pre-professional and professional dancers. BBT invites special guest instructors from across the US and around the world to lead classes in the Summer Intensive. Furthermore, students have access to the best teachers in New York, with training in the Russian (Vaganova) method and American teaching experience; all BBT instructors also offer small group (boutique) and individual lessons tailored to students’ needs.

All levels are welcome to enroll in the Dance A La Carte program. For the Summer Intensive program, early registration is essential and placements are determined by audition (or trial class).  Placements are based on a combination of experience, ability, and age.

Why is Summer Dance Instruction Important for Your Child?

Summertime is the most relaxed time of year for students--a time when they are free to focus on physical activities. This naturally creates an openness to trying new things, letting go of stresses and anxieties that may have been impeding their advancement during the school year, and undertaking more strenuous or challenging classes. It is a perfect time to study with a different teacher, learn more advanced techniques and try to progress to the next level.

Instructors, likewise, have more time and opportunity during the summer to arrange private lessons for students who request individual assistance in reaching specific personal goals. This may mean preparing for junior and high school talent auditions, creating dance programs for upcoming competitions, or working with athletes who seek the benefits of ballet in the areas of flexibility, strength, balance, grace, and musicality. BBT accommodates a wide range of student requests during the summer.​

Why should my child take summer classes with Brighton Ballet Theater?

Summer classes at BBT are small and offer even more personal attention than our academic year classes. Additionally, children can train at a higher level than during the academic year because they are not preparing for a performance; many advance a whole level in summer. The summer curriculum for each level is really tailored to the needs of the participating students so that they can work on areas that concern them, or interest them, most. Our evening schedule is also very convenient as it can be combined with a child’s regular daytime or camp activities and children do not need to stay overnight away from home, unlike many other summer dance programs.

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How does scheduling and payment work during the summer?

We understand that many families travel and balance multiple commitments during the summer so we are very flexible. While group classes occur in the evenings and on Sundays, there may be opportunities for private or boutique (semi-private) lessons during the day, depending on instructors’ availability. Families pay weekly (instead of four-week installments or the whole summer) so students can stop/start at any time if they are going away for vacation. You will also find that our summer classes are very affordable in comparison to other summer programs.

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Who are the teachers in the BBT Summer programs?

Our regular faculty teach during the summer and we also host several special guest instructors from renowned dance academies, ballet companies, and and choreographic institutes each summer as well. For more information on our faculty and guest instructors, visit Faculty and Staff Page and Guest Artists Page.

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