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with BBT Artistic Director

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Private lessons can be arranged for any age, any class, and any skill level.

New students can start private lessons at any point in the year.

Registration is required for all private lessons. By registering at Brighton Ballet, you are agreeing to all BBT policies.

Private lessons may be arranged for individual students or for performing ensembles of two (2) or more students.

Private lessons are scheduled based on the availability of the studios and the teachers; all private lessons must be booked and paid in advance.


Private lessons help students accomplish the following:

  1. Improve overall ballet or dance technique and/ or

  2. Prepare for dance auditions, performances or competitions.


Please note:

  1. BBT does not guarantee passing dance auditions or winning competitions.

  2. Choreography for all auditions, competitions and other non-BBT purposes is prioritized on a first-come, first-served basis. It is time-intensive work that requires special skills and must be adjusted to each individual student’s technical abilities, endurance, and sense of rhythm. Accordingly, we will recommend the best teacher available given time and space constraints, with first priority for current BBT students. For best service, students are advised to request private classes as early as possible.

  3. Also, BBT retains all choreography rights; any performances of our choreography outside of BBT will require both an additional licensing fee AND mention/credit to BBT in performance materials.

  4. The music preparation for choreography is time-consuming and has to be done in a professional studio. Therefore, students must reimburse the teacher $20 for 1 dance, $30 for 2 dances, and $10 per dance for 3 or more dances.

  5. Students are selected to participate in BBT productions based solely upon their achievements and willingness to work hard. Taking private lessons does not guarantee selection for BBT productions.



The full lesson fee must be paid before lessons begin. There are no refunds for private lessons. A minimum of 24 hours’ notice is required when canceling or rescheduling a private lesson. Any cancellation or rescheduling with less than 24 hours’ notice will result in charges equal to the full cost of the lesson.