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Audition and Placement

All Brighton Ballet Theater's programs require an audition for acceptance and placement.
Brighton Ballet Theater maintains a family-friendly, welcoming, and supportive atmosphere: there is no need to be nervous about your audition. We want to find the right opportunity and ensure you are comfortable with class requirements, expectations, and instruction.  
While auditions are essential in placing students in the correct level and grade, especially for our Advanced/Pre-professional students, please be advised that sometimes placement decisions are tweaked again after the first few classes. School administration reserves the right to change a student’s class to a more suitable class if the teacher deems a transfer is in the student’s best interest.

The audition fee is $15 per class. It takes place during regularly scheduled classes led by a Brighton Ballet Theater instructor on the campus of Kingsborough Community College in Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn, New York.

!!SPECIAL OFFER!!: In-Person Trial Class&Online Registration Fee Combo for New Students - Only $25. Offer valid if you are new to Brighton Ballet Theater or have not been here in the last 12 months. Available via online ordering. Due to the limited capacity of the in-person groups, trial classes&auditions are currently by appointment only. We recommend that you reserve appointments in advance. 

For more info about our dance classes, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.


Brighton Ballet Theater Tuition is determined separately for each student and reflects the customized schedule of classes in which she or he enrolls. Please note that tuition is calculated on a per-lesson (NOT per-hour) basis. Generally speaking, the price for group classes ranges between $15 and $28 per class with a schedule commitment of at least four weeks or $30 per class, when you pay "as you go". We have different payment plans and tuition/membership packages available for our students: Fall (about 5 % off); Winter/Spring (about 5 % off); School Year & 12 month Special (about 10 % off). Private lessons and boutique classes are paid separately from tuition, and higher rates apply.


Tuition is paid in advance, either as a one-year membership (with both 10-month and 12-month options available) or in four-week installments, and must be paid before each student can attend her or his first class. Tuition is NOT refundable after the first class. If tuition is not paid within the first week of class, a 10% late fee will apply. If payment is not received within two weeks, the student will not be admitted to any further classes until payment is received in full. In the event that a balance is outstanding more than 60 days, the account may be turned over to a collection agency.


For those students who are not ready or able to commit to a four-week session, Brighton Ballet Theater also offers the option of prepaid drop-in classes, although these students must still pre-register before attending class. Drop-in rates are higher than tuition-based rates.


Full-year tuition is discounted approximately 10% when paid in full, in advance of the start of classes. Other discounts may apply for families who pre-pay more than one four-week session at a time (e.g., for multiple students or for a full semester or year).


For detailed tuition estimates for your student, please call the Brighton Ballet Theater office at 718.769.9161 or email


Since Brighton Ballet Theater is a non-profit organization, it must charge additional (non-tuition) participation fees to cover costs relating to costumes, staging, transportation, music, and rehearsal time for those students involved in school performances such as the Annual Concert, Nutcracker, and other special events. Depending on the number of dances performed and the quantity of costumes needed by a student, participation fees typically range from $75-$200 per individual for each event. Additional fees also apply for competitions.

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