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Kids and Teens Classes

All levels of ballet (beginners, intermediate and advanced)

This division is for students 5 -18 years old—ballet classes grades from Pre-Ballet to Ballet Advanced.

Students are offered unique performance opportunities and stage experience in the Brighton Ballet Theater’s ballet production, ballet competitions, and repertory workshops with prominent choreographers and guest teachers. They will acquire healthy life habits and master self-discipline. They will discover their inner strengths and achieve a great level of professionalism in the art of ballet. Many students in this division successfully transition into the professional world of dance. Through this program, we prepare students to audition at dance colleges and competitions. This program is designed for more serious ballet training.

Folk Character Dance

Character Dance is a subdivision of classical dance based on national and folkloric traditions that have been stylized and included in classical ballet productions. Brighton Ballet Theater / The School of Russian American Ballet is an expert in this area. All Brighton Ballet Theater teachers are trained in character and folk dance. Students will learn character dances from productions such as Swan Lake, the Nutcracker, Don Quixote, and Giselle.

Music Appreciation/Rhythmic Dance/Rhythmic Gym (2-4 yo)
“Dance, Rhythm, Coordination, Imagination, Fun!”

A Special time for you and your toddler to enjoy expression through movement and music. Creative Movements encourages your child to become familiar and confident in a group, explore the capabilities of his/her body moving, experience rhythms and musicality and express freely through the body. Working carefully with each child in a safe and contained atmosphere will allow the child to develop and explore at his/her own pace. As the weeks go by and the 'ritual' of the session becomes familiar, the toddler will take more risks and build confidence physically and mentally through having fun.  Music Appreciation class yields the essential knowledge and skills for all components of music and body coordination. It's designed to train and coordinate the audio perception and kinesthetic reaction to the music, and it teaches children self-coordination and self-control.

Ballet gymnastics/stretching classes ( Developing a good posture, exercise to prevent scoliosis) 

Our ballet gymnastics/stretching classes are geared toward skill development and gymnastics fitness for girls and boys. Specially designed for ballet students, this class helps students develop a better stretch, achieve greater flexibility, and attain a more defined arch. 

Choreography class  (Private/Semi-private/Groups) 

This class will pay special attention to teaching students how to develop their stage presence by incorporating acting methods into the dance, turning them into excellent performers.

Students apply their skills and knowledge of different dance styles to create pieces they perform for each other and audiences in our Brighton Ballet Theater performances. 

Variations  technique (Beginners/Intermediate, Advanced)

This class will include a history of variations based on an old technique, such as the Vaganova Method, to help students become more advanced and diversified in their dance. Students will learn to dance and interpret excerpts from romantic, classical, and neo-classical ballet masterworks.

Pointe technique (Beginners/Intermediate, Advanced)

Brighton Ballet Theater's Pointe technique class emphasizes perfecting technique, building strength, and understanding the art of Pointe work. Each student will receive personal attention to ensure they learn and execute the technique correctly to prevent injury. 

Contemporary Dance

Learning contemporary dance is a fantastic way for your child to develop various forms, enhance creative thinking, improve your child’s stage presence, develop new physical skills, contribute to stress reduction, and improve your general health. Dancing is a fantastic outlet for children of all ages. It increases coordination and muscle tone and helps improve one’s mood. With plenty of research and experience to back it up, dancing for children is a terrific choice for your toddler’s health and well-being. Your child might not need to be a professional dancer, but dance for children once or twice a week to reap the benefits of dance.