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Memorize Your Dance Legacy with BBT and Sardana Sleptsova

Welcome to an enchanting opportunity to encapsulate your dance journey alongside the esteemed Brighton Ballet Theater and the Ballet Teacher & Photographer Sardana Sleptsova. Our photography services bring forth two exquisite packages designed to immortalize your dance memories in all their grace and artistry. These packages offer a unique opportunity to not only capture your dance prowess but also to align your portfolio with the standards of prestigious dance programs and companies. Our lens will eloquently capture your balletic essence in various forms, ensuring that your journey is vividly etched into time.

Dance Memories Unveiled

Duration: 30 minutes

Indulge in: A solo photoshoot dedicated to encapsulating your dance narrative

Includes: 20 captivating photos, featuring 3 meticulously retouched images

Attire: Classical uniform

Showcasing: Your extended ballet poses, expressive portraits, and graceful movements

Investment: $200

Elevate Your Dance Profile

Duration: 1 hour

Tailored for: Dance program applications and auditions

Comprises: 35 dynamic photos, including 5 intricately retouched images

Attire: Classical uniform

Highlights: Extended ballet poses, expressive portraits, and movements that resonate with dance company expectations. We'll also infuse creativity with floral elements, draperies, and fabric backdrops

Investment: $500

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