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The Theater of the young Audience

To address the lack of artistic programming for youth in the Brooklyn neighborhoods that Brighton Ballet Theater Company served, the organization launched the “Theater of the Young Audience” in mid-2004. Youth in Brighton Beach and Coney Island does not have access to low-cost, high-quality artistic programming and do not develop a genuine appreciation for the arts. Brighton Ballet Theater is now addressing this problem by performing at public schools, parks, and local theaters, thereby exposing children to the wonders of dance and the arts.

These performances are part of a broader mission by Brighton Ballet Theater to educate children of all ages about ballet and folk dance. The shows at Brighton Ballet Theater are educational and entertaining, making them a perfect fit for young school children. As highlighted in New York Times article (June 2003), Brighton Ballet Theater has consistently been able to attract world-class performers from famous dance theaters who have experience working with young audiences.

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