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Some children as young as ages 6-7 years-old show signs of physical ability, motivation, and certain intangible factors unique to ballet that may make them suited for pre-professional studies and potential careers in dance. Our faculty and staff consider these qualities, as well students’ years of dance experience, when inviting students to join the Pre-Professional (also known as Advanced) Division. Priority is typically given to students who began dancing with BBT from an earlier age.


Pre-professional dancers at BBT follow a rigorous curriculum and may train for solo performances, as well as competitions, under the guidance of BBT instructors and choreographers. As such, they may be advised to take private or boutique lessons as well. Dance as this level is a physically and mentally demanding activity; thus, BBT takes every care to insure dancers’ health and safety along the way.


Ballet 1A (ages 6-8)

Ballet 2A (ages 8-10)

Ballet 3A (ages 10- 12)

Ballet 4A (ages 13-15)

Ballet 5A (ages 16-18)

Point class (ages 11-18)

Variation class (ages 10-18)

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