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We pride ourselves on assembling diverse faculty, staff, and students representing the various cultures, languages, and socioeconomic backgrounds that make Brooklyn great. We are particularly committed to identifying and educating talented children from disadvantaged families and connecting them with the financial resources necessary to pursue a meaningful and productive dance education.  


For all these reasons, Brighton Ballet Theater is pleased to offer a limited number of full and partial tuition scholarships, which it awards according to two categories:

1) financial need

2) merit (which includes both class performance and potential for a professional career)


Depending on the type of scholarship awarded and the funding source for the scholarship, please be advised that some additional requirements may apply. Any such requirements or conditions will be disclosed to recipients with the scholarship award letter and contract. Scholarships do not cover periods longer than one year although students may reapply at the end of their scholarship term.


Families interested in scholarships must submit a scholarship application online (also available from the Brighton Ballet Theater office), together with a copy of the most recent income tax-return that they have submitted to the IRS. Merit scholarship applicants do not need to include tax-returns. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and Brighton Ballet Theater’s Scholarship Committee will review this information in a timely manner for the school year or summer program under consideration. All applications and financial information will be kept confidential. 


Scholarship Application Online
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