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OPEN DIVISION (ages 6-adult)

The Open Division includes students who have aged out of the Children’s Division and do not meet the strict criteria for the Advanced Division, as well as older students who are just beginning their study of ballet, and adults who look to ballet as a form of recreation and exercise, either renewing a practice from earlier in life or discovering dance for the first time.  Anyone may experience the joy of dance in the Open Division because no special physique, disposition, or athleticism is required before beginning classes.


BBT designed its Open Division with great care and treats these classes quite seriously. All ballet students at BBT are trained in the Vaganova (Russian) method, which develops concentration, confidence, coordination and imagination while leaving the dancer full of energy, flexibility, and light. Children in the Open Division have many performance opportunities, follow a set curriculum that will help them grow and develop in their technique and receive the same attention and care as students in the Advanced Division. However, children in the Open Division are not required to take as many classes as children in the Advanced Division.


Ballet 0 - Beginner (ages 6-8)

Ballet 0-1 Beginner (ages 9-12)

Ballet Intermediate 1 (ages 7-9)

Ballet Intermediate 2 (ages 10 - 12)

Ballet Intermediate 3 (ages 13 - 18)

Ballet for Adults (ages 18+)

Ballet Exercise (all ages)

Boys’ Dance and Fitness (ages 8-18)

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