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Alumni Testimonials

“The three of us [sisters] cannot imagine our lives without ballet or Brighton Ballet Theater. We are thankful for the love we received and the love ingrained in us for performance and art.” 

Aashika, Omika, and Rishika J.

Brooklyn, NY

“It is more than a pleasure being part of Brighton Ballet Theater and participating in different events. I feel proud that I had an opportunity to be a soloist in The Nutcracker and other dances. Also, I’m really happy that I had a chance to meet new people and make new friends.” 

Yunus F.

Brooklyn, NY

“I am truly thankful for what Brighton Ballet Theater has done for me, particularly Irina Roizin, Edouard Kouchnarev and all the talented teachers who have taught me. They are so professional, inspirational and caring. It was their endless effort that allowed me to win third place in the 2015 YAGP competition. I couldn’t have accomplished all these achievements without their big help.” 

Evelyn A.

Brooklyn, NY

Over the course of Brighton Ballet Theater’s long history, we have been privileged to watch thousands of young dancers mature into fine adults. These men and women have pursued a wide variety of careers, both within and outside the realm of dance, and have achieved great things in their chosen fields. We cannot help but think that the teamwork, confidence, self-discipline, artistic expression and poise that they acquired in ballet have contributed in some way to their success. Some of our graduates are now:

  • Dancing with professional companies

  • Pursuing college degrees with a major or minor in dance

  • Acting in films and television

  • Working as broadcast journalists

  • Operating their own businesses

  • Practicing as attorneys

  • Managing theater and arts programs across the country

  • Teaching dance and other subjects


We are proud of all our alumni, regardless of whether they became professional dancers or followed their dreams in different directions. Some of our former students now work at Brighton Ballet Theater, help out with performances, and send their own children to our school. We would like to stay in touch with all those who have danced with us. If you are an alum and would like to share your story with Brighton Ballet Theater or be added to our mailing list, please contact us with your current details.

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