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All students entering our school must go through an audition or trial class to be placed in
classes at the appropriate level. Students must submit a signed, updated registration
application and policy statement every year before the start of the academic-year and
summer program. Students must also pay a separate registration fee of $35 ($45 for late
registration) with each application. Students who are continuously enrolled for 12 months
without breaks or interruptions will not be required to pay more than one registration fee per
For students attending classes in Brooklyn, a KCC/Brighton Ballet Theater ID is included in the registration fee.
Families of registered students may either 1)pay tuition in installments every four weeks or
2) pay upfront for a full year membership, with both 10-month and 12-month options
available. All tuition must be paid in advance. For installment plans, payment is due by
the first class of every four-week session (the four-week period is calculated based on the
date of enrollment). Full-year tuition is significantly discounted.
Sibling discounts and other discounts may apply for payments of more than four weeks.
Brighton Ballet Theater accepts payments by cash, check, and Visa, MasterCard, American Express and
Discover credit cards.
All credit card payments will be assessed a 4% processing fee to cover the costs passed on
from the credit card companies to Brighton Ballet Theater. Please also note that there will be a 10% late fee for
any tuition that is not paid before the start of classes. If tuition is delinquent by two weeks,
the student will not be admitted to class until payment is made in full. There is a $35 fee for
each returned check. Accounts that are overdue by 60 days or more may be turned over to a
collection agency.
Refunds are subject to the following conditions:
❖ Registration fees are not refundable under any circumstances.
❖ Full refunds (minus registration fees) must be requested in writing and received by the
school's office PRIOR to the first class.
❖ All tuition charges are calculated on a per-lesson (NOT per-hour) basis. Brighton Ballet Theater reserves the
right to change the length of the lessons depending on the level of instruction and number of
students in the studio.
❖ Students who miss classes before the end of the four-week session are still obligated to
pay for the full four weeks. However, they may apply to “make up” as many as three
missed classes outside their regular schedule during a four-week period (each substitute
class requires submission of a completed “makeup application” with a $1 fee per makeup

❖In exceptional cases, students may be eligible for a partial refund if they must withdraw
from classes due to prolonged illness (more than one month) or severe injury, as verified by
a doctor's note.
Brighton Ballet Theater expects that all students will wear the specific attire required for each
class; uniform packages are available for purchase at registration. Students will not be
allowed to participate if the dress code is repeatedly violated.
Consistent attendance is critical to consistent progress. Students/parents must report all
absences to the school prior to class time. Lessons missed due to a teacher’s absence will
be made up later. Students can only attend 3 “make¬up classes” per 4¬week session; an
application is required to attend classes outside the regular schedule. If severe weather
closes public schools in the area, dance classes will be canceled for the day. There is NO
A limited number of full and partial scholarships are available and are awarded on the basis
of financial need, class performance, and potential for a professional career. Scholarships
are granted for periods no longer than one year. Scholarship applications are available from
the school office and must be completed and returned (with a copy of your most recent
federal income tax return) by the posted deadline to be considered by the Scholarship
Committee. All applications and financial information are kept confidential.
Important school notices and schedule information, including changes and holiday closings,
are posted on the school bulletin boards, on the Announcements page of, as well as on Facebook and sending information via email/cell
phone. It is the responsibility of each student/parent to check postings before and after class.
School office hours at KCC:
Monday-Friday 4:00pm-8:30 pm, Saturday 10am-2pm, Sunday 10am-3pm.
Brighton Ballet Theater / The School of Russian American Ballet admits students of any race, color,
sexual orientation, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and
activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not
discriminate on thebasis of race, color, sexual orientation, national and ethnic origin in
administering its admissions policies, scholarship programs or placement decisions.
❖Every student in the school is expected to behave in a disciplined and responsible manner
and to read, sign, and follow the written Code of Conduct provided at registration.
Brighton Ballet Theater reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any student whose behavior or attendance are
not in agreement with school policies.
❖Students should have the Brighton Ballet Theater/KCC ID with them at all times. This card must be
presented at the security booth for admission to the Brooklyn campus.
❖Parents may attend "open" classes with their child; in all other cases, parents must obtain
permission from Brighton Ballet Theater before attending class.

❖To protect the privacy of all our students, parents may not photograph children in
classrooms, hallways or elsewhere at Brighton Ballet Theater without permission from the office.
❖School administration reserves the right to choose students for specialized programs,
concerts, performances and competitions. Parents should understand that NOT all
students will be selected for such events.
❖School administration also reserves the right to change a student’s class to a more
suitable class if the teacher deems a transfer is in the student’s best interest.
❖ Since Brighton Ballet Theater is a non-profit organization, students participating in special events
(e.g., Annual Concert and The Nutcracker) will be required to pay additional fees relating to
costuming, staging, music, etc. Separate fees will also apply for competitions.
❖ Brighton Ballet Theater is not responsible for lost or stolen property/belongings.
❖Brighton Ballet Theater does not employ bathroom attendants and teachers cannot interrupt class to
accompany children to the bathroom. For the child’s safety and well-being, parents should
take children ages 2-7 to the bathroom BEFORE class begins.
❖ All children under 12 –years old must be picked up by a parent/guardian who will be
waiting for the child 10 minutes before the official end of class. Brighton Ballet Theater is not responsible
for children left alone.
❖Parents are expected to notify Brighton Ballet Theater verbally AND in writing before the first class of any
physical limitations, allergies, learning or developmental challenges and/or any other medical
issues that may affect their child's safety and/or enjoyment of dance.
❖It is the responsibility of all parents/guardians to discuss any medical concerns with a
physician and to obtain prior medical approval for their child to engage in physical activity
consistent with the exertion and range of motion required for participation in dance class.
❖ Brighton Ballet Theater is not liable for any injuries sustained or illnesses contracted by students.
❖Parents must submit a doctor's note certifying that it is safe and appropriate for a child to
return to dance class following a significant injury or illness that results in an absence of
more than one week.
❖Parents and students, by signing this form, acknowledge and accept all policies disclosed
herein as well as authorize Brighton Ballet Theater to administer first aid and contact emergency medical
services (including calling 911) for themselves or their child in the event of a medical
Parents/guardians and students further agree to hold Brighton Ballet Theater, its staff, faculty, guest instructors
and directors harmless for any first aid they provide.

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