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"Dancing Together" Program for Seniors 60+ Is Back!

BBT is extremely excited to announce a comeback of its popular program "Dancing Together". The online format of “Dancing Together” includes exercises and dances specifically designed for people over age 60 and/or with limited mobility. It also introduced elements of humor that allows seniors to relate more naturally to each other and have fun.

Exercising at home allows seniors to feel more relaxed and less intimidated.

The exercise and dance components helped seniors maintain and improve health, explore new aspects of physical and mental fitness, strengthen their balance and coordination, and express themselves creatively. Sessions included warmups and cooldowns with stretching and breathing exercises.

SU-CASA is a collaboration among the New York City Council, the Department of

Cultural Affairs, the Department for the Aging and the City's five local arts

councils. This program is supported by public funds from the New York City

Council in partnership with the Department of Cultural Affairs

and the Department for the Aging.

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