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Note for all parents!

To All Parents,

Here, in Brighton Ballet Theater, all our teachers are invested in each student. We can imagine how hard it is to trust your precious child to someone else and that another person has your child’s best interest in mind.

We know your child’s strengths and weaknesses, what drives them crazy, what inspires and what frustrates them. We may make decisions that you don’t always agree with, but, please, remember that everything we do is for your child.

There is nothing to compare with a feeling when our students achieve something. When you are watching how they grow and change, from one competition to another. Everything changes. Everything becomes different, in a good way. If we don’t continue to grow and evolve, and inspire each other, we become stagnant and boring.

Being a dancer is not easy! It takes courage, strength of mind and body, willpower, character and ambition. Our point is when the going gets tough, be stronger than your child. Remind them why they love this, encourage them to be strong. Support them in their struggles and raise them to not be quitters.

Let them be extraordinary!

Brighton Ballet Theater Management

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