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Tips for a Ballet Mom

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

Ballet is a very complex form of dance that requires precise and strict movements of the body. It creates discipline in students and helps them gain their balance and control. In every new thing that someone learns, it takes time and effort to get where you want to. For example, for a ballerina it takes time to go on pointe and is not something that happens overnight. A ballerina must be in training from a young age to acquire the necessary body to move like a dancer. Suitable pre-ballet ages should start with 4 to 8 years old because they can acknowledge the steps that they need to take in. A two-year-old for instance is not a perfect candidate to begin ballet because they are still learning to speak and learn their surroundings. That is why, there are classes like Rhythmic - Dance, Rhythmic - Gym and Music Appreciation. It is also hard to discipline them because they are not ready for a challenge yet. Therefore, if you want your child to do ballet in the future, make sure the child has basics and prepared for Pre-ballet classes. The more reasonable age your child starts off, the more prepared they are in the ballet challenges.

When enrolling your child to ballet classes it may be very exciting but make sure that your child is as excited as you are. Your child should not be pressured into what they are doing because it takes time for every student. Some may take more time than others. Also make sure that your child wants to do ballet and enjoys doing it. Never force them into something they may despise. Overall, the teacher is always ready to answer any questions so if you have any concerns you can address your concerns to your child’s teacher. Parents should also be able to understand that the teacher knows best and allow them to handle their children. Ballet teachers are experienced and know their expectations from every one of their students. Thus, if your child wants to pursue ballet make sure it is their choice and something they are considering. Let them have fun!

Being a mother of a ballerina is quite busy because you want your child to have the best experience. But then yet again you must consider if your child wants to pursue it as a career. Is it worth it to spend all this money when my child is going to lose interest? The most important way you can make a good decision is to see how passionate your child is towards dance. If not, it is ok to withdraw them from their class and let them do something that they enjoy. Stay focused on what your child wants not what your best friend’s child is doing. DO WHAT YOUR CHILD WANTS. Try to connect with your child and praise them for their success, it will decrease their stress. Also, if your child is not fitting in even if they want to do ballet, have conversations with them and tell them that ballet is a team sport. They must learn how to work with others for their goal. And finally, always ask questions. If you keep the confusion within you, you will never know the right answer, so if you are ever confused, ask your child’s teachers, they want to answer your questions. At first, being a ballet mom is confusing and hard but as you get to know more about what your child does, it will eventually become easier.

By: Aroosa Sarwar

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